All skills camps

The camps are designed for all levels girls and boys who wish to improve their skills. Campers will be evaluated and grouped by skill level into two courts, and will be taught the correct technique to pass/dig, set, hit, and serve by World Class Volleyball Player-Xiaofeng Foret and Phoenix Volleyball coaches.


Santa Clara Adult Education School - The gym is at N-1 of the school.
1840 Benton Street,
Santa Clara,
CA 95050


Phone: 408-348-5149


Hitter's and Setter's camp: Hitter's camp will focus on skills of hitting such as footwork, transition, armswing. Setter's camp will focus on skills of setting such as footwork, hand position, posture, setting mechanics. Half of each day session will be geared toward refining individual skills, and the other half day will be integrated with both hitters and setters.

Defensive Specialists and Serving Camp:

Defensive specialists will focus on skills of playing defense such as footwork, body position, etc. as well as the tactical aspect of the game.

Servers will focus on skills of serving such as body position, armswing, etc., different types of serves such as float, jump float, and top spin.

  • Bring athletic attires: gym shoes, short, t-shirt, knee pads as well as plenty of water.
  • To Register: Please download the registration form from the website and mail it with a check to PO Box: 344, Morgan Hill, CA 95038.
    Credit cards will not be accepted. Discount: 5% off for 2 sessions and 10% off for 3 sessions and more.
  • Contact

    Contact to: Xiaofeng H. Foret
    Phone: 408-348-5149